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REDNECKOGNIZE!! It didn't start with some "Honey Boo Boo!"

Everybody's who's anybody knows "redneckognize" came from this book and not from this sad trainwreck of a "reality" show!

Welcome to a unique store produced by AMO, LLC. We offer the book: How To Ruin Your Ex-Husband's Life One Day At A Time...the backhanded yet friendly approach to finding happiness in his misery!!

PRESS RELEASE, May 2008, Atlanta, GA "ANGELA MARTIN TAKES HOLLYWOOD BY STORM! Angela Martin, author of the hilarious book, How To Ruin Your Ex-Husband's Life One Day At A Time..., has been invited by Hollywood Film and TV Executive Producer, Heather Holliday, to be one of the hand-selected sponsors of the exclusive celebrity event MixMedia AWARD SUITES & Alive! Expo Green Pavilion held at the luxurious Sofitel LA Hotel in Beverly Hills during the Emmys 2008 awards ceremony. The book has been chosen to showcase in the highly sought after and coveted OFFICIAL HOLLYWOOD MIXMEDIA LUXURY GIFT BAG. Ms. Martin is available for remarks regarding her book and this most prestigious event. For additional information check out the websites www.mixmediallc.com and www.aliveexpogreenpavilion.com." Heather R. Holliday

The book is an exclusive item currently available only through our website. There is a pink and a blue edition (both with same contents...just different colored covers for market research). FYI...as of 8/26/08, there are very few books left in either color from this first edition printing. First editions of the book are getting extremely low, so, if you want an original 1st edition, now is the time to order.

Whether you are newly separated, recently divorced, or been-there/done the divorce thing a long-time ago, this book is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud during a time when sadness can predominate your life.

Chapters include: Dirty Laundry, Baby Food For Thought, Prince (not-so) Charming, Who Wouldn't Want A Wife?, When In-Laws Become Out-Laws, Division of Property, What is in a Name?, The Spite Diet, Learning To Redneckognize (registered trademark), Honey, It's Your Turn With the Kids, Gifts That Keep On Giving, Fake Dates and Freak Outs, Modern Day Dating Game, One Night Stands, Boy Practice, Post Marital Sex, To Do/To Don't List, Must Haves In A Man, and much more.

This 150 page, paper back edition book will make you laugh and help you heal through what can prove to be one of the most difficult situations in your life...especially if you are a single mom. It is irreverent at times and not for the faint of heart.

We will also be offering unique paraphernalia related to the book such as items with the hilarious and catchy "Redneckognize", "Just Unmarried", "It's an all about boys GIRLS' weekend", And more!! So, check back frequently!!!

There is also information for creating your own "Ex"-pression Wall complete with inspirational quotes to help get you started.

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